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Olympic Scholarship Fund

The mission of the National Brotherhood of Snowsports is to identify, develop and support athletes of color who will win Olympic and International winter sports competitions representing the United States and to increase participation in winter sports.

The National Brotherhood of Snowsports, Olympic Scholarship Fund (OSF) provides scholarships to athletes that meet the criteria established to qualify for “Team NBS”. The athletes that become members of “Team NBS” exemplify the hard work and dedication required to represent the National Brotherhood of Snowsports and the United States on the Regional, National, and International stage.

The OSF grants scholarships annually and those awards are coordinated and managed by the NBS Olympic Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee.

The NBS Teams: 

Elite Team


The NBS Elite Team represents athletes that train year-round and compete at the highest levels (National/International) of competition in their respective snow sport. Example: NorAms, World Cups, Europa Cups) Four athletes make up the Elite team.

A Team


NBS A team athletes train 4 or more days a week, are part of a competition program, compete in multiple events throughout the year and attend camps outside of the regular season. Most competitions are at the National and Regional level of their sport (USASA comps, USSA/FIS) and qualify for Regional championships with strong results.

B Team


NBS B team athletes train several days a week and compete in at least 4 competitions throughout the year. Most of their season is spent competing at the Regional or Divisional level of their sport (Futures Tour, USASA Nationals, Regional USSA races), their results may qualify them for Regional Championships but are not in contention to win Regionals.


C Team


NBS C team athletes are generally part of a weekend program or have limited training during the ski season but are developing their skills with the goal of consistently competing at a Regional/Divisional level in the future. For example, some athletes may be competing at a local high school level and do not have USSA memberships.

The resources required to support and promote the Team NBS athletes are extensive. To be successful the NBS OSF relies on donations from individual members, clubs, regions, corporate sponsors and the annual fundraiser “NBS Summit”. 

The National Brotherhood of Snowsports is a 501 ( c ) 3 non profit corporation.  Contributions and donations to the Olympic Scholarship Fund are always welcomed and appreciated. Donations are tax deductible and support “Team NBS” athletes and our outreach programs.

NBS Olympic Scholarship Administrator


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Olympic Scholarship Fund

2024-2025 NBS Olympic Scholarship Fund
Committee Members 


Michael Lanier, Olympic Scholarship Fund Administrator
Bessie Gay, Immediate Past OSFA

J. Forrest King-Shaw, National Competition Director

Suki Miller, Team NBS Alumni

Lauren Samuels, Team NBS Alumni

Brandon Purnell, Team NBS Alumni

Joe Moore, Snowsports School Administrator
Toni Wilson, Soulboarders President
Lyron Maxey, Elite Snowboard Racer

Joel James, NBS Treasurer

2024-2025 NBS Olympic Scholarship Fund

Application Period


The 2024-2025 NBS OSF application is open as of April 8.

Click on the 2024-2025 OSF Application link below to go to the Google Form

2024 - 2025 OSF Application

The application period will end on May 1, 2024, End of Day